Rachel Irelan - Inverse-Square
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Rachel Irelan

Meet Rachel

Indiana native Rachel Irelan brings more than five years experience managing application development projects to Inverse-Square.


A project manager wears many hats from interacting with clients, getting the project team on the same page with a clear end goal, keeping the work organized and flowing, and delivering what was promised. It all comes down to teamwork, patience, and a lot of communication.


A typical day at the office for Rachel usually begins by petting the office dogs hello and then checking emails before reaching out to clients with answers and updates.


Like many Project Managers, Rachel finds ticking items off a to-do list overwhelmingly satisfying and loves the variety of clients that she helps at Inverse-Square. “Being part of a project that’s making someone’s job a little easier is really fulfilling.”


Outside of the office, Rachel loves to travel, “I lived in London for a few months, traveled throughout Western Europe, and I’ve been several places on this side of the pond as well. And I never get tired of a good hike, especially when in Oregon.


Traveling aside, Rachel has found her home away from home as part of Team Awesome. “No matter how much pressure or stress I may feel, someone at some point during the day is going to make me laugh and that makes it all a little easier to overcome. Working together as a team to figure something out has felt as natural as breathing while I’ve been here. Loving on pups throughout the day isn’t a bad gig either!

Rachel Irelan