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Project Spotlight: SC Online Sales

Project Spotlight: SC Online Sales

For Team Awesome, one of the most enjoyable things about being custom software developers, are all the different clients we get to work with; charitable organizations, multinational corporations; local businesses, and if that wasn’t varied enough, Inverse-Square has also built a custom web application for an online livestock auction house!


Show Circuit Online Sales, also known as SC Online Sales, is the leader in current livestock production, show and sale Information, and Ann Marie, Joe, Jesse and Bob work hard to make sure they stay the leader!

For the past three years, Team Awesome has been busy building an online bidding platform for selling show stock. It’s kind of like eBay, but instead of people selling their old stuff, users can create accounts and login to sell their livestock, or bid on other users’ livestock.

As you can imagine, selling livestock is a pretty specific niche, so contacting a web application development company was SC Online Sales best bet. Livestock auctions have a few unique requirements that a pre-packaged solution wouldn’t be able to accommodate. Horse race-style bidding, specific bid increments for different livestock types, and a visual layout that offered clarity and ease of use were paramount to their system.

As an end user, the site is exceptionally easy to use. After filling out a simple registration form to acquire a bidding number, the user can bid on an unlimited amount of sales. The site can also be easily navigated on a mobile device; over 50% of SC Online Sale’s traffic comes from tablets and phones. Users can pay for their won lots directly on the secure site, it’s that easy!

Before going live, Team Awesome spent hours testing the auction platform making sure every click worked seamlessly. And once they were convinced it was ready to go, SC Online Sales went live with amazing results; they served 1.2 million pages to over 37, 000 users in September alone, with new web traffic increasing 20% each month since, and in one auction, a single cow fetched $75,000! That’s some high traffic, high stakes, and another amazing job done by Team Awesome!

Read our full case study on how we helped Show Circuit Online Sales, the leader in current livestock production, build the custom software they need.

Does your company have a specific niche that a packaged software solution simply can’t accommodate? Contact us today and let’s build something awesome together! 

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