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Inverse-Square helps businesses and organizations with unique or complex processes solve workflow problems with custom software.

Inverse-Square is a premier custom software and web application development firm headquartered in Indianapolis. Our passion is to make our clients’ lives easier, their work more effective, and their operations more efficient through tailormade software solutions.

Ranging from financial services companies to hospitals to non-profits, Inverse-Square’s clients love working with our team because of our exceptional customer service, culture and transparency.

Our Process


    The first step is assessing your needs to determine what will be the best solution for you: custom software, an off-the-shelf solution, or something else. Depending on the project, our team will provide a half- to full-day assessment, providing consulting on the best way to move forward. At the end of the assessment, you'll have full documentation of our recommendations.


    The second step in our process is the design phase. This is where our team - including business analysts, project managers, UI/UX developers, and application developers - will collaborate to create a design based on our your needs. At the end of this phase, we'll provide full documentation on the design that you can choose to implement with us or use internally.


    After the design has been finalized, our team develops the custom solution for you. ATt the beginning of this process, we will add you to our own project management dashboard so you can see what's going on with your project in real-time. Throughout the entire development process, you will have clear visibility into where we are, what's next and all of our communications.

Learn more about our process and why it works by clicking here.

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Custom Software Solutions

We offer custom software services in three main categories: Custom Web Application Development, Systems Integration, or Mobile Application Development. Learn more about each below.

Custom Web Application Development

While many software applications are available today, many times, existing software requires you to adjust your process instead of being able to adapt to your needs. Why should you change the processes you’ve spent so much time and energy developing? Having a tool that requires you to change the way you work is debilitating to your entire organization.


When people hear custom software development, it can sound like a large undertaking. But custom web application development ranges in scale and scope; it can be as simple as adding a new feature to an existing software or can be as big as building a custom system completely from scratch. Customizing applications to be flexible and meet your needs doesn’t have to be difficult; it just needs to be right for your team.

Systems Integration

Systems integration brings together two or more applications to work cohesively in one system. Whether you’d simply like to share data between your accounting software and CRM or need to integrate multiple internal systems so they’ll talk to one another, systems integration can be an integral part of your business’ productivity.


The Inverse-Square team can help you identify what parts of your applications need to integrate, how to approach the integration in the best way, and aggregate both off-the-shelf and custom software for your business. Don’t waste time and effort cross-referencing data in two or more systems or manually entering information from one system to another. Let us integrate your systems to make information sharing between your most important applications easy and efficient.

Mobile Application Development

Being able to have a seamless user experience on mobile is becoming increasingly more important to your consumers. While mobile-friendly sites can provide a good experience, it’s not the same as providing a native mobile app that is built specifically for using your application in a mobile environment.


The Inverse-Square team can help you transform your idea into an intuitive mobile application. From transactions to geofencing to algorithms and more, our team of experts can help you create a unique and user-friendly application that has all of the bells and whistles you and your users need.

At Inverse-Square, our team knows how to plan, consult and create custom software that truly meets the needs of our clients. We help you every step of the way, starting with an assessment to identify needs and how to effectively translate those into software functionality. Our job is to help you find the right way to create a tool that will let your organization work to its fullest potential instead of dealing with software challenges.

Increase productivity and solve workflow problems with custom software. Contact us today to get started.