Shanglei Zhang - Inverse-Square
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Shanglei Zhang

Meet Shanglei

Raised and educated in Hunan province, China, Shanglei began her career as an Architectural Designer in Singapore in 2010. Five years later, Shanglei moved to Indianapolis to pursue a master’s degree.


After graduating from IUPUI with a Master degree in Human-Computer Interaction in 2017, Shanglei joined Team Awesome as our UI/UX Designer.


Her background as an Architectural Designer gives Shanglei a unique skill set to bring to her role; she is able to take a project from ambiguity to clarity by setting a direction that combines client, business, and development goals.


After checking her morning emails and writing her daily to-do list, Shanglei attends project management meetings before putting on her headphones and focusing on the design part of her day.


Shanglei enjoys the flexible work environment at Inverse-Square and appreciates the work-life balance it provides. In her spare time, Shanglei is a traveler, a nature enthusiast, and a coffee addict. She has already traveled to a dozen countries, and looks forward to exploring more, meeting diverse people, and savoring the moments with a good cup of coffee.

Shanglei Zhang
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