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Staff Augmentation

Bundle Your Project Needs

A Team-Based Approach to Meet Your Objectives, Within Your Budget 

With software development staff augmentation, you can turn your idea for an app into a reality with a flexible team of experienced business analysts, project managers, software developers, and quality assurance testers that can scale up or down depending on your project needs.


Our team will access your project and identify the required skills, expertise, and number of developers needed to manage it.

Curious how software augmentation can work for you? Think of it like this:


You have an idea for an app, but you don’t want to spend your entire budget upfront. By starting with something basic, you can see how your customers and team respond and then adjust as needed. As time goes on, you can enhance your app — adding a new feature here, an integration there, making changes along the way.


It’s the perfect solution for a Minimum Viable Product; start small and then grow. Begin with a basic app, get it up and running, and then add on the bells and whistles after you learn more about what works best for your business and your customers.

Let us help you build better software.

Team-Based Approach vs. Traditional Staff Augmentation


With traditional software development staff augmentation, you are allotted a dedicated full-time resource for forty hours a week for three months or more. The advantages of our fractional full team support are clear:


✓ You set the budget.

✓ Flexible to meet your needs

✓ Roundtable of expertise

✓ Project continuity is guaranteed.

Our team-based approach provides your project with what it needs to stay on time and within budget.

Need help assessing your best path forward? We can help.