Continuous Learning - Inverse-Square
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Continuous Learning

Inverse-Square Group Pic

Continuous Learning

Technological changes move at a lightning’s pace; that includes the coding languages we write in and the tools we use to develop software. We know that training is key to staying up to date in the fast paced world of technological development. Our Developers train continuously to ensure we continue to bring as much value as possible to each client engagement.

We rely on two types of training: industry recognized certifications and social engagement.

In the past, we found that certification focused training seemed to be all about the certificate instead of being focused on the applicable knowledge. Microsoft has improved this issue; their certifications not only carry weight, but they force Developers to learn best practices set forth by industry leaders. Our social engagement training involves user led groups and attending conferences like Codestock.

Each Developer at Inverse-Square works on their own set of certifications which then collectively progresses the whole company towards an organizational level competency certification. To help us achieve this, Microsoft has partnered with vendors that reach out to small firms like ours to ensure we have the guidance needed to be successful.

In addition to the certifications and social engagements, one-on-one quarterly coaching sessions are performed. The one-on-ones allow each employee to focus on what they personally need to grow. These sessions result in two to three specific quarterly goals which are then followed up on until they are achieved. As each Developer’s knowledge grows, so does the knowledge of Team Awesome as a whole.

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