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Steven Jenkins

Meet Steven

We can thank Stephanie Jenkins for Application Architect Steven.


Ohio native Steven made the move to the Indianapolis area in 2006 to join his then-girlfriend Stephanie and to put an end to the “long-distance” part of their relationship. Twelve years later, they’re more than a decade married with one son and another on the way.


Not only did Steven find a home in Indianapolis with his family, but he found one with his work family as well when he joined Inverse-Square in the summer of 2018.


As an Application Architect, Steven develops custom desktop applications for clients. His work includes C# projects in the .Net framework using MVC architecture as well as web and desktop applications written in Angular using the Electron framework.


Steven’s favorite thing about his job is “working with an awesome team to solve challenging problems using interesting technologies. We help keep each other on our toes and are always trying to push forward with our thinking, our tools, and our approach to develop fun and creative software solutions that are both practical and effective for our clients.

Steven Jenkins
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