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Systems Integration

Do you have two or more really great software systems that fit your needs, but you’d like to connect them?


Then you need Systems Integration.

System 1

System 2

System 3

System 4

System 5

System 6

System 7

System 8

Systems integration brings together two or more applications to work cohesively in one system.

Whether you’d simply like to share data between your accounting software and CRM or need to integrate multiple internal systems so they’ll talk to one another, systems integration can be an integral part of your business’ productivity.


The Inverse-Square team can help you identify what parts of your applications need to integrate, how to approach the integration in the best way, and aggregate both off-the-shelf and custom software for your business.


Don’t waste time and effort cross-referencing data in two or more systems or manually entering information from one system to another. Let us integrate your systems to make information sharing between your most important applications easy and efficient.

Systems Integration Resources

Testimonials from Systems Integration Clients

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