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For more than forty years, full-service professional employment background screening company, Barada Associates has been helping businesses and organizations find the right talent and create a safe working environment for their customers and employers. Working with Barada, Inverse-Square developed a custom integration tool that facilitates and...

No one gets into business with plans to stay the same, year after year. Those goals you’ve been working toward — higher profits, more or better clients, more time for things that matter, stronger reputation — none of it can happen if you can’t increase your productivity, reduce waste, fine-tune processes and metrics, and adapt to evolving market demands. Whether you’re leading a humble startup, have reached profitability with a solid cadre of loyal customers, or managed to mushroom into a high-powered enterprise, sustainable growth will hinge on your ability to scale: that’s what systems integration can do for you.

Since Inverse-Square was founded, we have worked hard to perfect our craft for the benefit of our clients. To ensure transparency, we communicate the progress of each project with weekly reports and updates. Based on our experience and the feedback we have received, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)...