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The Benefits of an Automated Background Screening Process

background screening process

The Benefits of an Automated Background Screening Process

For more than forty years, full-service professional employment background screening company, Barada Associates has been helping businesses and organizations find the right talent and create a safe working environment for their customers and employers.

Working with Barada, Inverse-Square developed a custom integration tool that facilitates and automates their background screening process. We interviewed Barada Associates Vice President, Kelley Carter about how their custom solution benefits their business and provides value to their clients.

What prompted Barada Associates to look for a custom solution?
We had a few clients looking for a customized solution to their background screening process. Our clients wanted to streamline their process and make it easy for their applicants to submit information for a background check.

Why did Barada Associates choose Inverse-Square?
Inverse-Square offered a cost-effective, innovative, and secure solution to meet our client needs. Their solution is flexible, customizable, and straightforward to manage and maintain. Their team listened to our request and proposed the optimum solution.

What is the most significant difference the integration tool makes to your business?
Their integration tool expedites the process and allows our clients to be hands-off. The automation of the integration has removed any manual data entry that would have been required by either Barada Associates or our clients.

How would you briefly describe your integration tool to someone?
It is an innovative solution that allows applicants to submit his/her information directly into our platform, sign the necessary paperwork, and automatically begin the background screening process. It has the capability to communicate with other applicant tracking systems and provide status updates which allows our clients to monitor the background checks through their applicant tracking system.

What is the single most significant benefit your integration tool provides?
Efficiency. It not only makes the process more efficient for Barada Associates; it is a timesaving tool for our clients and applicants.

Since 1979, Barada Associates has been helping companies make successful personnel decisions using employment background screenings, pre-employment screenings, and background checks. For more information about their services, visit their website,

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