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The Custom Software Guide, Part 1: Beginning the Process

custom software

The Custom Software Guide, Part 1: Beginning the Process

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If you’re considering new software for your business, how do you determine what type is right for you? Should you have custom software developed, should you buy pre-packed software, or possibly stick with what you’re doing? The following three steps will guide you towards a successful decision.

Step One: Assess Your Needs.

A professional software company will want to assess your business’ needs in order to gain insight into how their services would best meet them. With that information, they can then determine the total amount of work that would be required to create your custom software, or if an “off-the-shelf” product would be more beneficial to your business, or even if it is not the correct time for your company to implement a new application.

Step Two: Determine Pros and Cons

Much like everything else, building a custom software application has its pros and cons, but so does buying off-the-shelf. Being aware of the pros and cons, will help you be a more educated consumer when it comes time to decide to build or buy software.

Step Three: Review and Evaluate Your Existing Processes

Does your business have good processes in place already? Your business processes will drive the software design, so the processes must be understood and capable of being performed by your business before a software firm can build your automation software. Without good processes in place, automation will be worthless.

Up Next, Putting the Plan Together

Once you and your software developer are happy with a custom application solution for your business, the software firm will begin the next course of action; putting a budget and a plan together.

If you’re ready to discuss how we can save your business time and money with a custom software solution designed with your needs in mind, contact us today and we’ll get you on the road to process efficiency!

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