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The Intersection of Technology & Health

The Intersection of Technology & Health

Do you remember the last time you got test results from your doctor? Do you remember exactly what they said?  Would you be able to dictate that information to another doctor if you had to? Whether during an emergency or a regular checkup,  DocStuff can take care of that for you.

Offered by Eperture, DocStuff is “a revolutionary new concept for individuals to have all their medical tests and records with them anywhere in the world” by allowing users to store and share their personal health care data via a secure, mobile application. In case of an emergency, having access to accurate and up-to-date medical data can be imperative to saving a life.

Taking medical applications a step further, Eperture also offers RememberStuff, a touch-screen application unit that is shipped to the homes of people with early stage Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

With features like basic checklists for medications, and videos that demonstrate how-to’s of simple at home tasks, RememberStuff helps people manage their daily lives. These features allow users to maintain their independence and extend their ability to live in their own homes for longer periods, delaying the substantial costs of long term care facilities.

Eperture will be unveiling these two applications on April 13th at The Next Era in Innovation Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference, The Intersection of Technology & Health. It’s the first ever Conference of its kind for Indiana, designed to shine a spotlight on Indiana’s talent and capabilities in these areas and attract additional talent and organizations to our State.

This Conference includes some of the biggest names in healthcare and technology in Indiana and beyond, such as Dr. Larry Einhorn, best known for curing Lance Armstrong’s cancer, plus Eli Lilly and Company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jan Lundberg, talking about the company’s way forward for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Several more incredible speakers will present in the form of keynotes and breakout session speakers.

Additionally, the “Shark-Tank like” pitch session during the general session – including IndyMDAngels, Purdue Ventures and VisionTech Partners as judges, will pair technology-focused innovations in the healthcare sector with potential investors. There’s a private meeting room for continued talks after the session. All entrepreneurs and money managers are welcome to attend.

Indiana’s 51st Governor – Eric Holcomb – will participate in the event. Governor Holcomb’s involvement underscores the importance of this Conference to three of the State’s most important sectors, Healthcare, the Lifesciences and Technology. St. Vincent is the latest sponsor of this important Conference. Dr. Hossain M. Marandi, President of Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent (PMCH) will participate on the 1:00 pm panel Innovative Solutions to the High Rate of Healthcare Provider Burn out and the Role Technology Plays. 

Additional thought-provoking panels provide innovative solutions to the high-cost of healthcare, reducing readmission rates. There is also a session about treatment for the opioid epidemic.

Sponsorships are still available and registration is open. If you would like to attend, please use our personal promo code of BAI10 to register and receive an additional 10% off registration.

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