Custom Software Developers Save Valentine's Day! - Inverse-Square
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Custom Software Developers Save Valentine’s Day!

custom software developers

Custom Software Developers Save Valentine’s Day!

This is a story about Jim. Jim is planning on proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. He has it all planned out, the flowers, the restaurant, the dessert, the precise moment, everything.

This is a story about Jim’s boss. Jim’s boss doesn’t care about Jim’s engagement, or Valentine’s Day. All he cares about is getting his financial reports completed before the board meeting the next morning. Too bad he didn’t tell Jim this until 4:30 in the afternoon. Those reports take hours and hours to run. There goes Jim’s romantic plans!

This is a story about Team Awesome, Inverse-Square’s custom software developers. Team Awesome does care about Jim and his Valentine’s plans, and they know exactly how to make sure that Jim gets to dinner on time — with custom software tailored Jim and his boss’s unique needs.

Normally, Jim would have to spend hours transferring invoices from their outdated sales system to Excel, and then exporting all of that data to QuickBooks. It’s tedious and arduous work. But with a custom software application tailored to his company’s unique needs, those reports that normally take hours, sucking up all of Jim’s valuable time that could be devoted to more beneficial pursuits, are done in a jif! The new Invoicing Integration Application does it automatically and instantaneously, and the results are reports devoid of human errors that can result from all of that manual entry.

Error free, automatically and instantaneously generated reports mean Jim’s happy, his boss is happy, and his new fiance is happy; that’s process efficiency at it’s finest! And Team Awesome is happy too, because coming to the rescue, is what they love to do!

Does your business still rely on tedious and arduous processes? Replace Excel and let Team Awesome come to your rescue!

Want to develop your custom software with Team Awesome? Request a consultation with us today.