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What Makes Inverse-Square Stand Out

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What Makes Inverse-Square Stand Out

When your business or organization needs a custom application that can increase productivity and achieve your business goals, you need a great team at its helm.

Inverse-Square’s values align to bring you tailor-made development and unparalleled customer service. We are set apart from other custom application teams, bringing more to the table than just stellar code. These are only a few of the elements that make Inverse-Square a premier custom software and web application development firm.

We are Business-minded

If you’re considering a custom application for your organization, first you need to map out your business processes so that the application can support your organization efficiently and accurately. Inverse-Square’s internal business analysts facilitate successful process mapping; they will confirm that both you and our team have a full understanding of what your organization does, who is responsible for what, and how tasks should be completed. This will allow us to find the best way to build your custom software to streamline and improve your processes. The more we know, the better we can build your application.

We’re With You from Beginning to End

While it is important to make sure that your application is created with solid code, one of the many benefits of utilizing Inverse-Square’s team is that we offer more than just technical expertise. In addition to top-tier application developers, we also employ minds that will ensure that your projects are finished promptly and with the highest quality.

Our full-time project managers will ferry your application step-by-step through our custom development process, making sure that it is being completed proficiently. And instead of outsourcing our quality control representatives, our in-house team will have greater control and first-hand knowledge of your project.

We Offer Full Transparency

With Inverse-Square you won’t be left in the dark wondering what is going on with your custom application. Using our project management tool, Liquid Planner, we provide full communication transparency. At any point during your project, you will have real-time access to view all our communications, even internal discussions about the workflow and status of your project. We can offer you the peace of mind that your project is progressing just as you hoped it would. Open communication keeps us accountable and you informed.

We Value Diversity

Our values are more than just words on paper. They are demonstrated in our culture and working environment. Diversity and gender equality is an essential value, especially in a primarily male-dominated field. Inverse-Square is proud to employ an almost equal amount of men and women, providing a varied set of views and opinions.

Not only do we value diversity of gender, but of species as well! Our office dogs make our workday better. It’s easy to get burnt out when you work as hard as we do, but our furry coworkers help bring a smile to our faces and ease a stressful day.

Inverse-Square’s talented team offers a diverse set of minds that you might not get at other custom development firms. Our goal is to engage in a closely communicated, close relationship with you to create a successful custom application for your organization. Our distinct values and processes reflect our desire to design, develop, and support your development needs.

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