Zach Frizzell - Inverse-Square
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Zach Frizzell

Meet Zach

Zach has a strong background in operational efficiency. From the State Department of Toxicology to Angie’s List, Zach’s history is one of improved operations. That legacy continues here at Inverse-Square. In short, Zach has excelled in ensuring the operational soundness of Inverse-Square all while being one of the few non-developer resources in the company. His ability to optimize and control operations has been crucial in our continued growth as a shop and directly benefits each client through controlled, optimized, and efficient project lifecycles.


Primary operational duties are in planning, prioritizing, and implementing methodical operating procedures in order to improve cost effectiveness, service quality, and business mission development. This includes continuously enhancing the operational procedure, systems and principles in the areas of information flow and management, business processes, enhanced management reporting and aiming for opportunities to expand performance metrics within the organization. Other responsibilities include:


  • Define and communicate corporate plans, policies and standards for the organization
  • Work closely with Project Management and Business Analyst teams to set and/or implement policies, procedures and systems and to follow through with implementation
  • Provide strategic leadership in evaluating and executing new technologies that align with company’s business needs and strategic operational goals
  • Prepare reports and audits to monitor and improve operations effectiveness
  • Develop and implement company policies and procedures as well as ensuring compliance with these procedures
  • Forecast requirements; budgeting; schedule expenditures; analyze variances; initiating corrective actions
  • Contribute operations information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; prepare and complete action plans; implement production, productivity, quality and customer-service standards; resolve problems; complete audits; identify trends
  • Establish client contracts, proposals and pricing
  • Project metrics management and monitoring
  • Project dashboard and analytics reporting
  • Resource forecasting & workload forecast procedures
  • AP/AR


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Zach Frizzell
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